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UID/Aadhaar tour by Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN – YouTube

Aadhaar Wyly Wade

Zakaria’s, India at a Crossroads, looks at several facets of a changing India. He looks at AAP, Aadhaar and a new tv show. Fareed Zakaria does a great job looking at Aadhaar. Looks at the sheer size and complexity of the project along with some of the issues that the project faces. If you enroll…

Red October Kaspersky #1 threat — Global Reach

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Kaspersky named “Red October” this years top cybersecurity threat. Red October was a large scale cyber-espionage network that target various international diplomatic service agencies. This cyber-espionage network was used to analyze and reveal various aspects of the the global critical infrastructure. Initial it was thought that the network was largely focused on Eastern Europe and…

Hours worked, productivity, and wages — Relationship

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I am not sure who works only 32 hours per week but by the stats provided in The Economist that is the average work week for the US. Glad to see that is higher then most countries but I would personally feel lost working so few. Economic data show that in 1950, Americans worked around 1,900…

Why I am for an increase in minimum wage

Wyly economics investment

Historically, I have been pretty anti an increase in minimum wage, in the fact that the free and open market should determine what the fair price of labor should be. In the past years though I have been thinking that there are a few ways to deal with an influx of cheap foreign labour and…

Aadhaar a struggle of identity — Part 1 Identity

Aadhaar Wyly Wade

Over the coming weeks I am going provide some of my thoughts around identification (ID) and ID solutions. A critical understanding about ID systems can be neatly boxed into a single statement: Things you know; things you have; and things you are. But more on this later. Almost from the beginning, Aadhaar (in India) has struggled…

Aadhaar-linked accounts to be basis for mobile payments

I do find it interesting that everyone in the development community is focused on mobile payments and yet the attachment of a higher level of verification using biometrics and a randomly generated 12 digit number and it is a target at every turn. Over 30 million linked accounts to start DBT payments in most countries…

Deadline for Aadhaar Cards on February 28, 2014 in West Bengal

The West Bengal government set February 28 as the deadline for distributing Aadhaar cards among all Bengal residents, prompting many to wonder about the feasibility of covering over six crore people in little over five-and-a-half months. Providing Aadhaar numbers to all citizens above the age of five is the precursor to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s dream project…

Cybersecurity is attracting lots of capital

The tremendous and rapid growth of big-time Internet based corporations, such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Facebook and many others, highlights the immense potential this particular industry is enjoying and will continue to enjoy in the years to come. However, this tremendous growth is associated with a significant increase in cybercrime and security threats. Companies are spending huge…

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