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More Air Pollution, More Autism

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A growing body of work is continuing to build a correlation between pollution and Autism. In June a study by Harvard School of Public Health indicated a significant increased risk of Autism in areas with higher rates of air pollution. Today a new study from the University of Chicago built a correlation between genital malformation…

Exoskeleton gives Army Vet ability to walk again

A crushed spine is usually a life sentence of confinement to, at best, a wheelchair–but at least one vet is taking steps to change all that. In fact, Gary Linfoot is  making for an inspiring story for Veteran’s Day. Five years ago the Army pilot’s helicopter suffered was brought down by a mechanical failure during Linfoot’s 19th combat…

Wikipedia Zero to launch in India

Wikipedia Zero is one of the coolest projects out there. I may not agree with a lot of the politics around Wikipedia but the idea to open and allow for free millions to access huge amounts of knowledge can be a powerful tool for change. “It is our mission to provide free access to knowledge…

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