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The Gall of Gallstones

Wyly, Wyly Wade

This week was especially hard to manage being out of town and having Baby really struggle with more needles and tests. Kadamabari posts another week tale of the Moppet Show. I must admit I do not know how Kadamabari does it, I have a hard enough time even stringing two thoughts together on a good…

Power surges cripple the NSA data center

The National Security Agency’s $2 billion mega data center is going up in flames. Technical glitches have sparked fiery explosions within the NSA’s newest and largest data storage facility in Utah, destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and delaying the facility’s opening by one year. And no one seems to know how to fix it.…

1 Out of Every 3 Digital Media Minutes is Consumed

Mobile Internet usage accounts for one out of every three digital media minutes consumed, according to the August 2013 BrightEdge Mobile Share Analysis . The analysis also revealed that mobile traffic jumped 125% over the course of H1 2012 to H1 2013 while desktop traffic only grew by 12%. Software/technology, financial services and real estate were the big winners…

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