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Smartcards are good — Aadhaar is better

Aadhaar Wyly Wade

While the smartcards are good replacing the card with Aadhaar is a better long term option. The replacement cost for the cards is significant and becomes a burden on the system that is not necessarily required. It also delays the government from focusing on the longer term systemic problem of inadequate infrastructure and the disenfranchisement…

U of Wisconsin is sustaining as many as 100,000 hacking attempts per day from China

“We get 90,000 to 100,000 attempts per day, from China alone, to penetrate our system,” said Bill Mellon of the University of Wisconsin, the associate dean for research policy. “There are also a lot from Russia, and recently a lot from Vietnam, but it’s primarily China.” “It’s sort of the opposite of the corporate structure,” which is…

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