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Mindset, A MenaApps company, is hosting a workshop at the SME Congress

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Rana Samara and her team, one of the great companies at MenaAppps, will be participating at the SME Congress. If you are in Abu Dhabi make sure you stop by their booth and see some of the great work they are doing! Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are a vital part of the UAE economy,…

Small business lending key to 6.5m new jobs in region each year

Considered the lifeblood of most economies, SMEs account for nearly 90 per cent of companies in the UAE and provide about 85 per cent of private-sector employment. The growing youth population means 270 million jobs are needed in the Mena region by 2050, estimates the IFC. To meet the target, 6.5 million jobs need to be created every…

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