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Coping, caring, hoping, sharing – Livemint

Wyly, Wyly Wade

Ka had more than 200 messages of hope, shared stories from fellow parents about their children with hearing loss, autism, vision issues, cancer, Down Syndrome, dyskinesia, various GI issues, cerebral palsy, fetal alcohol syndrome, childhood apraxia of speech, muscular dystrophy, ADEM, diabetes and well, more. Many people reached out through Facebook, some through Twitter and LinkedIn, and…

Over 10,000 visitors in a week — Thank You

I am amazed and humbled that anyone would find what I read or say of any interest. This week was even more amazing that 11, 462 unique visitors decided to read something on my little square of the internet. I am even more so amazed that I am getting people from all over the world.…

A Fridge, Car Windows and iChastity Belts

The Internet of Things is rapidly expanding. I the past week I have seen a internet connect sprinkler system, a connected train set and craziest is an internet connected diaper pad to potty train your autistic kid. One of my favorite examples is the toilet developed by MIT that determines the health of the user…

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