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Iran’s nuclear computers blast AC/DC – Pwned

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F-Secure Security Labs reported that it reviewed messages from Iranian nuclear energy scientists that stated the computer systems at the Natanz and Fordo nuclear facilities were compromised by a computer worm. At this week’s Black Hat hackers’ conference, an annual security conference in Las Vegas, computer security expert Mikko Hypponen dished about a cheeky cyber-virus that crippled Iran’s…

Plan X — DARPA Sets Cyber Foundations

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For years, the Pentagon has been open and adamant about the nation’s need to defend itself against cyberattack, but its ability and desire to attack enemies with cyberweapons has been cloaked in mystery. Plan X — an effort to improve the offensive cyberwarfare capabilities “needed to dominate the cyber battlespace,” according to an announcement for the workshop. No…

Red October Kaspersky #1 threat — Global Reach

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Kaspersky named “Red October” this years top cybersecurity threat. Red October was a large scale cyber-espionage network that target various international diplomatic service agencies. This cyber-espionage network was used to analyze and reveal various aspects of the the global critical infrastructure. Initial it was thought that the network was largely focused on Eastern Europe and…

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