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The JOBS Act: General Solicitation Rules changes

On July 10, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC” or the “Commission”) approved final rules eliminating the decades-old prohibition against general solicitation and general advertising in all Rule 144A offerings and certainRegulation D transactions, as required by Title II of the JOBS Act. The new rules (the “General Solicitation Rules”) permit issuers, including start-ups, hedge funds, venture capital funds and private equity funds, to promote their…

Finders fees on capital are about to get squeezed!

SEC Lifts Ban On General Solicitation, Allowing Startups To Advertise That They’re Fundraising Middlemen be damned!! This is big. The lifting of an 80+ year old ban on investment advertising. Speaking from the stand point of an entrepreneur and having raised significant amounts of capital this should dramatically help! The market for short term, series…

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