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2014 World Cup — Who’s your pick?

by borisbenko. After a number of tense qualifying soccer (football for everyone else) matches, fever reaches high pitch: Brazil World Cup 2014 is about to begin! With opinions varying wildly, everybody seems eager to guess the winner these days; worldwide punditry united, both amateurs and professionals, prominent and no-name experts, including betting shops and even Goldman Sachs analysts…

A villain’s guide to football: Welcome to the beautiful game

Great Economist article about fixing soccer matches or increasing cash from a match.  If you need some petty cash you can siphon off the gate receipts—a tactic that some of Brazil’s football kingpins, the cartolas (“top hats”), are rumoured to have employed in the past. http://www.economist.com/news/international/21581724-football-clubs-can-easily-be-used-stealing-machines-here-instruction-manual?fsrc=nlw|hig|7-11-2013|6104736|37241839|NA

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