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Modern Conquest | Foreign Affairs

This is an great inforgraphic that shows aggressive conquests have declined, but land grabs are on the rise. Source: Modern Conquest | Foreign Affairs

Fact or Fiction: Theft of 800 million credit cards by Ukrainian Anonymous

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Self-styled Ukrainian hackers are bragging they dumped millions of stolen credit card numbers online – but the claims may simply be a political smear job amid tensions between Russia and the West. A group calling itself “Anonymous Ukraine” boasted this week that it is in possession of 800 million credit and debit card details. In a…

Russian air force views unmanned fighters as the future – Russia’s Sixth Generation fighter plane will be unmanned

Russian aircraft designers are working on the creation of the sixth-generation unmanned fighter aircraft, Russian Army General Peter Deinekin stated last week. At present, Russia tests its fifth generation fighter T-50 (PAK FA). At the same time, experts believe that many European states will not be working on the fifth-generation combat aircraft – they will jump to…

Plugging Cyber Warfare Governance: Asia Should Act Now

In cyber space, a virtual realm with no natural or geographic borders, and constantly dynamic packets of data routed from one node to another, the world really is flat. It is also anonymous since identity verification is not yet required and can be masked through complicated routing patterns. A 2011 study, “Cyber security and cyber warfare: Preliminary assessment of…

Flying over the Caspian Sea

Snow covered fields of eastern Germany and Western Ukraine. The beautiful sunset… somewhere over Germany. I have 2 more hours before reaching Dushanbe.The midnight sky over such a low population location is beautiful. I have not seen a light on the ground for over an hour. Looking out and seeing an infinite number stars and so…

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