Wyly Wade

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‘Let’s tax the sun’: Spain’s new tax on solar panels has shocked international publications like Forbes for its “stupidity”.

I covered this earlier but more and more noise is being made about Spain’s new tax the sun policy. I am more surprised at the surprise. Governments recieve a lot of revenue from energy taxes, wether it be the transportation taxes that are tacked on to fuel sources every time they move or import/export duties…

IBM’s Cloud Business: Ex-Employee Divulges Shortfalls

Man IBM is have a rough couple of weeks, now an ex-employee is releasing documents that show IBM’s cloud revenue to not be as reported. The documents put IBM’s 2012 cloud-related revenue at $2.26 billion, a figure the company has declined to disclose¬†publicly. In 2011, IBM did issue a roadmap that set forth the goal…

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