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An Anonymous Messenger — by Tor Foundation

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As WhatsApp is now overly exposed and other tools like SilentCircles are constantly under pressure to allow for some access to communications the Tor Foundation is launching a new messaging service that rely’s on the Tor network. The Tor Instant Message Bundle (TIMB) will rely on the strength of the Tor networks “hidden services” as…

20 common household items that retail for $312 to $1,944 can be 3-D printed at home for $18 in a weekend.

In the study, Pearce and his team chose 20 common household items that can be printed on various 3D printers, listed on Thingiverse (a catalog of free designs). Then they used Google Shopping to determine the maximum and minimum cost of buying those 20 items online, shipping charges not included. http://www.kurzweilai.net/how-to-save-money-by-making-stuff-with-3d-printers Related articles Save Thousands…

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