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Aadhaar a struggle of identity — Part 1 Identity

Aadhaar Wyly Wade

Over the coming weeks I am going provide some of my thoughts around identification (ID) and ID solutions. A critical understanding about ID systems can be neatly boxed into a single statement: Things you know; things you have; and things you are. But more on this later. Almost from the beginning, Aadhaar (in India) has struggled…

Cybersecurity: US needs to build partnership with India

India‘s primary concern is not Pakistan; the country’s primary concern is internal issues; secondly is its relations with the US and Western Europe. It is a shame that the US does not work more closely with India. They could have no better friend in the region but the relationship has been disappointing for the past…

UID details may be used to process passport applications – Times Of India

Aadhaar Wyly Wade

Top officials of the MEA and the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) are expected to meet in New Delhi on Friday to work out the finer details of a plan for use of Aadhaar information in passport processing work. Anil Kumar Sobti, director of the passport division in the MEA, said they are working on the technicalities that…

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