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40% Solar Cell Efficiency — Solar energy world first in Australia

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While Germany has achieved 40.7% efficiency it was only in a lab environment and could not be easily mass produced. The work in Australia is still largely refocusing light to large concentrators rather than direct conversion of solar energy. Australia’s solar researchers have converted over 40 percent of the sunlight hitting a solar system into…

Civergy, names Dan Hollenbach as Chief Financial Officer

Civergy, Inc. is pleased to announce that Dan Hollenbach, CPA, CGMA, has been appointed Chief Financial Officer starting May, 2014. Dan’s primary focus will be to lead the financial integration of the Civergy family of companies as they move toward building an organization that provides a range of critical services and indispensable products – from…

MIT: Liquid rechargeable fuel

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A new kind of battery stores energy in what researchers are calling “rechargeable fuel”—electrodes in liquid form. The result . . . theoretically allow an electric car to travel 500 miles on a charge, five times farther than most electric vehicles can now . . . Batteries that use liquid electrodes could also be safer…

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