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MIT: Liquid rechargeable fuel

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A new kind of battery stores energy in what researchers are calling “rechargeable fuel”—electrodes in liquid form. The result . . . theoretically allow an electric car to travel 500 miles on a charge, five times farther than most electric vehicles can now . . . Batteries that use liquid electrodes could also be safer…

3D printing regardless of scale — New from MIT Alums

Rising designers and MIT alums Marcelo Coelho and Skyler Tibbits introduce hyper form, a way to print objects regardless of scale. 3-D printing has become the rallying cause for a rising generation of designers, engineers, and architects. There seems to be few limits to what the technology can do or what range of products it can spawn,…

MIT Develops Ionic Wind Thrusters As An Efficient Alternative To Jet Engines

Researchers at MIT have built an ionic thruster—a device that can lift something into the air by charging the air molecules around it. Amazing, right? Though not in the way you might think. As sci-fi as it sounds, the basic technology to build ionic thrusters has been around since the 1960s, and Star Trek-inspired hobbyists…

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