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70 years of water found in east Africa – Kenya

Scientists in Kenya have discovered a massive underground reserve that could allow the drought-ravaged country to meet its water needs for the next 70 years. Discovered in the desert of Kenya’s Turkana region, the Lotikipi Basin Aquifer contains more than 200 billion cubic meters of fresh water, and is about the size of Rhode Island. All told, the region…

Nairobi Mall Massacre

Incredible pictures (pretty graphic) from the Nairobi mall massacre. http://t.co/tUO3C3RUOg #Westgate — Kadambari Murali (@KadambariM) September 22, 2013 Related articles Kenyan Officials Reporting 59 Dead; 175 Injured in Nairobi Mall Massacre Massacre at a Nairobi mall Kenya declares end to Nairobi terror attack after seized mall burns

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