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A Japanese rail company has apologised after a train left a station 25 seconds early, the second such case in months.

Japanese trains have a reputation for extreme punctuality, and it turned out that there were indeed still people hoping to get onboard. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-44149791

Creating embrionic stem cells from regular cells | Harvard Gazette

Harvard, Wyly, Investment

In a step that has implications for stem cell research, human biology and the treatment of disease, researchers in Japan and at Harvard University have managed to turn adult cells back into flexible stem cells without changing their DNA. The researchers discovered that they could put cells in various challenging circumstances – including in acidic solutions and under…

Japan Solar Energy Soars, But Grid Needs to Catch Up

It has always been a chicken and egg question do you invest in the grid first or invest in the production to then drive the improvements to the grid? Interesting in Spain they have such a large amount of home generation that they have started taxing home generation, so now the Spaniards are pulling the…


A beautiful cantilevered house in Japan

Architects: UID Architects
Location: Hiroshima, 
Architect In Charge: Keisuke Maeda
Area: 116 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Hiroshi Ueda, Courtesy of 

+ node / UID Architects | ArchDaily.

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