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1.25 Billion emails hacked; 360 Million accounts — No one heard

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A cybersecurity firm, Hold Security LLC, said on February 25 that it uncovered stolen credentials from some 360 million accounts that are available for sale on cyber black markets, though it is unsure where they came from or what they can be used to access. The discovery could represent more of a risk to consumers and companies…

Global Cyber Security Market to Reach $120.1 Billion by 2017 at a 11.3% CAGR

The global cybersecurity market is expected to grow from $63.7 billion in 2011 to $120.1 billion by 2017, at an estimated compound annual growth rate of 11.3% from 2012 to 2017, according to the report. “Cyberspace today is powered by a gamut of devices and applications that have made it vulnerable to threats from all kinds of users…

Cybersecurity: More people over larger budgets

A recent survey of 167 attendees at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas by security company Tripwire found that the majority of those surveyed (44 percent) believe increasing the number of highly skilled security workers on staff would be the most valuable action for improving information security at their organization.  Increasing security budgets also was…

Companies Lack Real-Time Breach-Detection Capabilities: Survey

More than 40 percent of security professionals have no or very limited automated capabilities, including real-time alerts or daily/weekly reporting, to detect data breaches, according to a survey conducted by Varonis, a data protection specialist.

Companies Lack Real-Time Breach-Detection Capabilities: Survey.

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