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Aadhaar the most used ID for voting in Hydrabad

Aadhaar Wyly Wade

More interesting is that Aadhaar is the most prolific ID shown for voter proof even more so then the voter ID card. With 650 million Aadhaar issued and millions of rupees being directly transferred to accounts per month. The Bombay High Court on April 16 directed the Maharashtra government to facilitate the bank account opening of…

Aadhaar Facts – Nine Most Common Myths about Aadhaar

Aadhaar Wyly Wade

Answers to common myths of Aadhaar. One key fact that I find interesting is thus far Aadhaar has only spent $640 million since 2009. At about $1.08 per Aadhaar  it is by far the lowest cost national ID of any system in the world. While being the lowest cost ID it is one of the…

Aadhaar a struggle of identity — Part 1 Identity

Aadhaar Wyly Wade

Over the coming weeks I am going provide some of my thoughts around identification (ID) and ID solutions. A critical understanding about ID systems can be neatly boxed into a single statement: Things you know; things you have; and things you are. But more on this later. Almost from the beginning, Aadhaar (in India) has struggled…

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