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Proactive & Pragmatic: How India Rethought Security Post The Mumbai Attacks

Algren, played by Tom Cruise, is haunted by thoughts of the atrocities he committed in the battles against Native Americans. Katsumoto wants to know more about these battles, and Algren’s role in them. “I wish to learn,” he says. Algren rebuffs him, suggesting he “read a book” instead, to which Katsumoto responds by saying he’d…

Internet of Things its kinda a Big Deal | Wyly Wade

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Really no kidding. Just by logic there are lots more light switches, outlets and appliances dwarf the total number of computers, laptops and other computing devices ever sold. 1.9 billion devices today with an estimate of 9 billion devices in the next 4 years; the Internet of Things is turning into big business. Now imagine…

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