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Biometrics: The Whats, The Whens, The Hows, And The Whodunnits | Biometrica Systems Inc

A conversation with Biometrica CEO Wyly Wade, who has almost certainly collected more biometrics across more countries than any single individual in the world, we get down to the basics. We look at what constitutes biometrics, what are identifiers, and how biometric identification is done and used. Source: Biometrics: The Whats, The Whens, The Hows, And…

High-End Stores Use Facial Recognition Tools To Spot VIPs

Using facial recognition to determine which customers are more important than others is nothing new. Casinos have been using facial recognition for years. Privacy is an illusion, remember that you choose to go into a store or a casino and there is not expectation of privacy. VIP-identification technology designed by NEC IT Solutions specifically to track customers. High-End…

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