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Lightning Strikes over the Copahue volcano (1600 x 1017)



LADEE gets laser communications

NASA’s Lunar Laser Communications Demonstration (LLCD) is the agency’s first attempt at developing a high-performance laser communications systemsfor interplanetary probes. The first LLCD space terminal is riding aboard NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer spacecraft (nicknamed LADEE for short), which is launching to the moon in September 2013. The LLCD space terminal is designed to beam data from…

Particle Accelerator in Earth’s Radiation Belts

NASA’s Van Allen Probes have made a surprising and unusual discovery. They’ve found a particle accelerator in the heart of Earth’s radiation belts, speeding up tiny particles to more than 99 percent the speed of light. “Until the 1990s, we thought that the Van Allen belts were pretty well-behaved and changed slowly,” said Geoff Reeves. “With more and…

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