Wyly Wade

Tag: Critical infrastructure

White House proposes formation of a cybersecurity insurance market

A new study found that 31% of companies have cybersecurity insurance policies, while 39% planned to purchase a policy in the future. The study, released Wednesday by information services group Experianplc, underscores the quick development of the nascent industry, which has picked up speed in recent years as companies wake up to a pervasive cyber threat.“There is a definite expansion…

How new cybersecurity rules bedevil electric industry

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is contemplating a new cybersecurity framework for all critical infrastructure industries, including the electric industry, the question remains for the electric industry: how is this supposed to work? The first mandatory NERC CIP standards were proposed in 2006, and FERC is now considering Version 5. How new cybersecurity…

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