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emotive continuous criminal background checks

24×7 continuous criminal background checking for your employees or volunteers


Allows an organization to enter all its employees or other individuals it is tracking into a database, and be notified in near real-time, through an encrypted alert, when one of those employees or individuals has potentially been arrested.
It is a continuous 24×7 criminal background check.
  • 100% law-enforcement sourced multi-jurisdictional database
  • FCRA compliant
  • Notifications through encrypted alerts

Source: Get eMotive Now!

Newsletter Sign Up | Biometrica Systems Inc

Biometrica is starting something called “Conversations across Communities.” As a technology company, and as a products company focused on security, crime, and data Source: Newsletter Sign Up | Biometrica Systems Inc

Casino KYC 101 — Read It Now! | Biometrica Systems Inc

If you’re a casino in the U.S., or a casino that is part of a U.S. group, you’re almost always classified as a NBFI, and have to follow KYC norms, under the BSA rules, file CTRs and SARCs. If you’ve ever wondered why you need to know what these terms stand for, and why you…

Biometrics: The Whats, The Whens, The Hows, And The Whodunnits | Biometrica Systems Inc

A conversation with Biometrica CEO Wyly Wade, who has almost certainly collected more biometrics across more countries than any single individual in the world, we get down to the basics. We look at what constitutes biometrics, what are identifiers, and how biometric identification is done and used. Source: Biometrics: The Whats, The Whens, The Hows, And…

Biometrica Heading To Oklahoma Meet For Discussion On Tricksters And Trafficking

“We don’t just make products that track and catch casino cheats, though we’re well known for that,” said Biometrica’s Vice President of Business Development, Kevin Parker. “Our systems target tricksters, thieves, traffickers and terrorists. And given the results of our case study last week, and the fact that the OIGA is proactively looking to clamp…

Iris scans gets a thumbs up from US Gov NIST; Welcome to the party 10 years late.

A new report by biometric researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) uses data from thousands of frequent travelers enrolled in an iris recognition program to determine that no consistent change occurs in the distinguishing texture of their irises for at least a decade. These findings inform identity program administrators on how…

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