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Solaric — Electrifying the Bottom of the Pyramid | Nanogrids in Bangladesh

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This is a story of how a technology start-up in one of the poorest regions of the world, Bangladesh, is quietly going about changing the lives of millions of people, by providing them access to energy for the first time. In Bangladesh, a country of 154.7 million people, over 50% of the population has no…

$4,500/INR 261,478 cash bond for visitor visas for UK

Britain confirms £3,000 ($4,500/INR 261,478) cash bond for visas for visitors from India, 5 other “high-risk” countries. Khaled Mahmud, owner of a Bangladeshi travel agency in Dhaka that deals with British student visas, said the scheme was racist. “It smacks of a deep-rooted racial attitude,” he told The Associated Press on Monday. http://m.economictimes.com/news/nri/visa-and-immigration/britain-confirms-4350-cash-bond-for-visas-for-visitors-from-india-5-other-countries/articleshow/21457254.cms Related articles Britain Demands…

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