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EU votes to support suspending U.S. data sharing agreements, including passenger flight data

EU has just made travel a lot more complicated. I wonder if this is going to stop transit? In the vote, 483 voted for the resolution, 98 against, and 65 abstained on a vote that called on the U.S. to suspend and review any laws and surveillance programs that “violate the fundamental right of EU…

Squid-Jet: Bio-Inspired Propulsion System for Underwater Vehicles

Squid and some other sea creatures use a very efficient mode of locomotion, know as jet propulsion. Squid will draw water into a bladder through a hole called the mantle, and then they force it out, by contracting the bladder, to shoot forwards in speeds of up to 40 km/hour.  GSF 2013 : Project : Squid-Jet:…

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