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Coping, caring, hoping, sharing – Livemint

Wyly, Wyly Wade

Ka had more than 200 messages of hope, shared stories from fellow parents about their children with hearing loss, autism, vision issues, cancer, Down Syndrome, dyskinesia, various GI issues, cerebral palsy, fetal alcohol syndrome, childhood apraxia of speech, muscular dystrophy, ADEM, diabetes and well, more. Many people reached out through Facebook, some through Twitter and LinkedIn, and…

Bring Transparency to an Intentionally Opaque Market

I had the pleasure of working with Anil Swarup at RSBY in India. He assembles the best possible team recruiting teams that consist of not just all the stakeholders but also people that believe in the project and then helps everyone prove the adage that the whole is greater then the sum of the parts.…

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