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6 hours deserts receive more energy we consumes in a year

Wyly, Wyly Wade

DESTERTEC s a global civil society initiative aiming to shape a sustainable future. It is a non-profit foundation that grew out of a network of scientists, politicians and economists, who together developed the DESERTEC Concept. All kinds of renewables will be used in the DESERTEC Concept, but the sun-rich deserts of the world play a special role: within six hours,…

Tunisia: Hollande – France Ready to Convert Part of National Debt Into Investment Projects

France does not have the best track record at this kind of behavior, any one look at Haiti lately? France is willing to convert a part of the Tunisian debt into investment projects,” French President François Hollande said. 80% of French enterprises set up in Tunisia are small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) which frequently operate “as part…

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