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Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Extradition Of Four Mexican Nationals For International Sex Trafficking Offenses


Biometrica Heading To Oklahoma Meet For Discussion On Tricksters And Trafficking

“We don’t just make products that track and catch casino cheats, though we’re well known for that,” said Biometrica’s Vice President of Business Development, Kevin Parker. “Our systems target tricksters, thieves, traffickers and terrorists. And given the results of our case study last week, and the fact that the OIGA is proactively looking to clamp…

John Nash and wife killed in car accident

Especially in taxi’s always wear your seat belt. A dumb event took one of the great minds of our time on Sunday. Nash and his team at Princeton are credited for  breakthroughs that have developed into versatile and robust techniques, which have become essential tools for the study of nonlinear partial differential equations.   http://www.nj.com/middlesex/index.ssf/2015/05/famed_a_beautiful_mind_mathematician_wife_killed_in_taxi_crash_police_say.html

The Gall of Gallstones

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This week was especially hard to manage being out of town and having Baby really struggle with more needles and tests. Kadamabari posts another week tale of the Moppet Show. I must admit I do not know how Kadamabari does it, I have a hard enough time even stringing two thoughts together on a good…

Ms. K’s Princely State

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The next installment of Kadambari’s blog goes into the issues with Kyra’s sleeping and the usage of a Rajasthani tent that has allowed her to create her own little fiefdom. It provides her a safe dark place to play but know that she is not far from the safety of her parents who are still…

CEED Morocco recognized by the White House

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CEED IS BUILT OF, BY AND FOR ENTREPRENEURS CEED believes that entrepreneurship is the single best tool to support economic development and grow emerging and frontier economies. Entrepreneurs can operate anywhere, but they thrive in an ecosystem of support. CEED is an organization that we work together in many interesting locations around the world. Congrats to the CEED team…

Why Highly Successful People Crave Mistakes |Science of Failure

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  It always helps to add some context about the subconscious biases we have in our heads before exploring a topic, I think. I looked into some of the research on success and failure, and how we react to them to see what I could learn. These are three of the most interesting points I…

Oyster — NetFlix meets pay library

Oyster, a combination of NetFlix and pay library service at less then $10 per month. Kadambari Murali Wade should be over joyed… Another Peter Thiel investment that I love. In my opinion he is clearly picking winners. Oyster could be a viable option for the price of less than a book a month. The team…

College scholarships and daycare shows a huge improvement to crime and graduation rates

Harris Rosen adopted a Florida neighborhood called Tangelo Park, cut the crime rate in half, and increased the high school graduation rate from 25% to 100% by giving everyone free daycare and all high school graduates scholarships. http://pegasus.ucf.edu/story/rosen/ Related articles U.S. crime rate rising, but fewer Americans believe it, says Gallup poll Harris Rosen Was…

Aadhaar recognizes 1,600 more transgender persons

This is an ongoing update of Aadhaar and UID. In that in October of 2011 there had already been over 12,500 issued as transgender to various communities around the India. Life is a daily struggle for transgender and Hijras through out the world but especially in India which makes the foresight of the UID team…

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