Wyly Wade

Month: January 2015

Cybergy (CYBG) Offers Solutions to Meet U.S. Government Cybersecurity Challenge

cybersecurity, energy resilience, security, renewable

“We strongly support the passage of a cybersecurity bill that creates a clear mandate to protect the connections between the digital and the physical infrastructure,” said Wyly Wade, Chief Technology Officer of Cybergy Labs and Cybergy Partners (a subsidiary of Cybergy Holdings, Inc.). (OTC:CYBG) A July 2014 report by the Poneman Institute and Unisys found…

Cybergy Holdings Launches Cybergy Labs

cybersecurity, cybergy, cybg

Cybergy Labs’, a Cybergy Partners company, technologies is focused on further commercializing our current products and new products to support cybersecurity, smart grid, and advanced energy systems. Its premier product, SmartFile, brings document and file security to a deeper level, empowering organizations with real-time reporting on sensitive digital files when they are opened or viewed, printed,…

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