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South Korean Nuclear facilities hacked — Will there be a shutdown on Christmas?

Continuing to strengthen the need for SmartFile by Cybergy Partners, Computer systems at Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP)—the operator of South Korea’s 23 commercial nuclear reactors—were hacked and information divulged via blog posts and posts on Twitter, according to the company.

The first leaks on Dec. 15 were of personal information obtained from some of the 10,799 employees of the company, but later posts included reactor cooling system valve drawings from the Kori Unit 1 nuclear power plant, internal phonebook information, and KHNP’s own secret subcategory guidelines. According to some Korean news sources, the designs and manuals from Gori Unit 2 and Wolsong Unit 1 were also released, including details on the reactors’ air conditioning and cooling systems.

The hacker is said to have threatened the release of more information if three reactors—Gori Units 1 and 3, and Wolsong Unit 3—are not shutdown by Dec. 25.

At least with SmartFile, KHNP would have a good idea as to what data has been exposed and would not have needed to wait till the information started showing up on Twitter or blogs. 

South Korea nuclear plant operator says hacked, raising alarm | Reuters.

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South Korean Nuclear facilities hacked -- Will there be a shutdown on Christmas?
"And a compromise of nuclear reactors' safety pretty clearly means there is a gaping hole in national security," said Suh, who specializes in nuclear reactor design.

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