Wyly Wade

Month: August 2014

Iran’s nuclear computers blast AC/DC – Pwned

cybersecurity cyber security Wyly investment

F-Secure Security Labs reported that it reviewed messages from Iranian nuclear energy scientists that stated the computer systems at the Natanz and Fordo nuclear facilities were compromised by a computer worm. At this week’s Black Hat hackers’ conference, an annual security conference in Las Vegas, computer security expert Mikko Hypponen dished about a cheeky cyber-virus that crippled Iran’s…

3D printed Saxophone – Music to my ears

3d printing, wyly

A professor at Sweden’s Lund University has used the revolutionary tech to create a visually distinct line of custom-built guitars, keyboards, and drums. Now, Olaf Diegel is giving the alto saxophone a try, and so far he’s had more success than even he expected. Diegel revealed the initial prototype when he demonstrated the nylon-based alto sax last week in…

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