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Decayed Teeth May Soon Repair Themselves

British researchers have found a method that may make a decayed tooth be able to repair itself. Created at King’s College, London, the technique efficiently reverses decay by utilizing electric currents to increase a tooth’s natural process of repair. According to the British scientists who developed it, this treatment might be available within 3 years.



The 2-step technique developed initially prepares the damaged portion of the enamel outside tooth layer then utilizes a small electrical current to ‘push’ minerals inside the tooth in order to repair the site that was damaged. The defect is re-mineralised within a process that is painless which needs no drills, no filling materials, and no injections.

Electrical currents already are utilized by dental professional to check the tooth’s nerve or pulp; this new device utilizes a smaller current than the one presently utilized on patients and which can’t be felt by an individual. The method is referred to as Electrically Accelerated & Enhanced Re-mineralisation.

According to researchers, dental professionals soon could be providing your teeth a gentle ‘time warp’ in order to encourage them to repair themselves. It strives to take the discomfort out of a tooth decay procedure by electrically reversing this process to assist teeth in ‘remineralising.’


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Decayed Teeth May Soon Repair Themselves
Two step process to repair decayed teeth.

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