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Month: April 2014

Smartcards are good — Aadhaar is better

Aadhaar Wyly Wade

While the smartcards are good replacing the card with Aadhaar is a better long term option. The replacement cost for the cards is significant and becomes a burden on the system that is not necessarily required. It also delays the government from focusing on the longer term systemic problem of inadequate infrastructure and the disenfranchisement…

Ethiopia to Double Africa’s Electricity Access with large geothermal

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Ethiopia and a US– Icelandic private developer Reykjavik Geothermal (RG) late last month signed a landmark agreement in Addis Ababa to construct Africa‘s largest geothermal plant in the Horn of Africa country. Construction of the 1,000 MW Geothermal plant, expected to cost an estimated $4 billion, will be undertaken in two stages over an eight to…

Realtime Cyber threat map is awesome and frightening

cybersecurity cyber security Wyly investment

Kaspersky Lab has launched an interactive cyberthreat map that visualizes cyber security incidents occurring worldwide in real time. The types of threats displayed include malicious objects detected during on-access and on-demand scans, email and web antivirus detections, as well as objects identified by vulnerability and intrusion detection sub-systems. In today’s world of cyberthreats, it only takes…

India’s Sexual Violence, State by State

Sexual violence affects as many as 27.5 million women in India, though only one per cent of the victims report the crime to police, says a report in the latest edition of British medical journal, The Lancet. According to the report, rape incidents in India are receiving extensive media coverage in the aftermath of the December 16,…

Fact or Fiction: Theft of 800 million credit cards by Ukrainian Anonymous

cybersecurity cyber security Wyly investment

Self-styled Ukrainian hackers are bragging they dumped millions of stolen credit card numbers online – but the claims may simply be a political smear job amid tensions between Russia and the West. A group calling itself “Anonymous Ukraine” boasted this week that it is in possession of 800 million credit and debit card details. In a…

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