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Month: February 2014

Spray-on solar cells: Nanoparticle-based cells can be made with far less energy than conventional solar cells

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Relatively inexpensive, easy-to-manufacture, nanoparticle-based solar cells can be created with materials that are abundantly common throughout the Earth’s crust, according to new work from researchers at the University of Alberta. The new nanoparticle-based solar cells — which could be mass-manufactured using simple methods, such as roll-to-roll printing or spray-coating — are possible thanks to a new type…

Chicago under ice

Beautiful photo of a very cold Chicago

Frozen Lake Michigan


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The Mech is Born

Ekso and 3D Systems has created the first 3D printed robotic exoskeleton suit. Exoskeleton suites are not exactly new but the convenience and exact manufacturing of a 3D printed suit would dramatically improve the usefulness. Other working prototypes of powered exoskeletons, including XOS by Sarcos, and HULC by Lockheed Martin (both meant for military use), have been constructed but have not yet…

Internet of Things its kinda a Big Deal | Wyly Wade

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Really no kidding. Just by logic there are lots more light switches, outlets and appliances dwarf the total number of computers, laptops and other computing devices ever sold. 1.9 billion devices today with an estimate of 9 billion devices in the next 4 years; the Internet of Things is turning into big business. Now imagine…

MIT: Liquid rechargeable fuel

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A new kind of battery stores energy in what researchers are calling “rechargeable fuel”—electrodes in liquid form. The result . . . theoretically allow an electric car to travel 500 miles on a charge, five times farther than most electric vehicles can now . . . Batteries that use liquid electrodes could also be safer…

If all the world lived in a city — Wyly Wade

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I love this map comparing city density size if we were all to live in a single city or if all cities were the same density how much space would be taken up. When I was in high school I did a presentation that discussed that you could give everyone in the US a half…

Aadhaar: India’s Unique ID System

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Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) puts together a great video on Aadhaar (UID). While Aadhaar has run into both political and beurocratic road blocks it has still pushed forward. In Andhra Pradesh their has already been solid evidence of a savings of over 20% in government subsidy programs by cutting out ghost accounts.…

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