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Month: January 2014

Creating embrionic stem cells from regular cells | Harvard Gazette

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In a step that has implications for stem cell research, human biology and the treatment of disease, researchers in Japan and at Harvard University have managed to turn adult cells back into flexible stem cells without changing their DNA. The researchers discovered that they could put cells in various challenging circumstances – including in acidic solutions and under…

6 hours deserts receive more energy we consumes in a year

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DESTERTEC s a global civil society initiative aiming to shape a sustainable future. It is a non-profit foundation that grew out of a network of scientists, politicians and economists, who together developed the DESERTEC Concept. All kinds of renewables will be used in the DESERTEC Concept, but the sun-rich deserts of the world play a special role: within six hours,…

3D printed toothbrush, super clean in 6 seconds

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Dentists say 2 minutes at least twice a day is needed to brush your dirty teeth. Luckily there’s a new 3D-printed toothbrush that lets you brush your teeth in 6 seconds. Also you don’t even really brush your teeth. Your teeth kind of brush themselves. This new wave in toothbrushes is called the Blizzident. It’s made using a…

Smart Grid: Smart Grid 101

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The average consumer does not see the dramatic changes that are happening behind the scenes in the SmartGrid rollout. From complex SCADA systems that are generating the data that helps in real time optimize the system and balance the load and generation requirements. Some of these major changes are: Distributed generation, including renewables and community-level…

Flexbox helps solve some of the complicated tasks for layouts

  http://philipwalton.github.io/solved-by-flexbox/ Flexible box layout (or flexbox) is a new box model optimized for UI layout. As one of the first CSS modules designed for actual layout (floats were really meant mostly for things such as wrapping text around images), it makes a lot of tasks much easier, or even possible at all. Flexbox’s repertoire…

Repair your 3D printed shoes

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At the Wearable Futures conference, London designer and researcher Shamees Adendebuted a running shoe concept that will put your worn out kicks to shame. The shoes, which he’s developing with University of Southern Denmark professor Martin Hanczyc, are 3D printed from a synthetic biological material that can repair itself overnight. The running shoes are the product of Aden‘s study of…

3D printed duck foot lends hope to hobbled fowl | Wyly Wade

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Buttercup was born with a backward foot, and physical therapy only got the wayward webbing to turn back around half way. Plucky as can be, Buttercup soldiered on, hobbling along as best as could be expected. Then came along 3D printed medicine, something which sparked a bit of inspiration in the mind of Buttercup’s “dad,” Mike…

Niagara Falls Frozen


Polar Vortex

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UID/Aadhaar tour by Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN – YouTube

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Zakaria’s, India at a Crossroads, looks at several facets of a changing India. He looks at AAP, Aadhaar and a new tv show. Fareed Zakaria does a great job looking at Aadhaar. Looks at the sheer size and complexity of the project along with some of the issues that the project faces. If you enroll…

$600 Million stolen and still no real news

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This is an ongoing story that has really not gotten a lot of coverage. It is now estimated that over $600 Million was profited from the pre trading of the interest rate change in September. Three to seven milliseconds before the fed moved interest rates, billions of dollars of trades were input that took advantage of the…

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