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Hours worked, productivity, and wages — Relationship

I am not sure who works only 32 hours per week but by the stats provided in The Economist that is the average work week for the US. Glad to see that is higher then most countries but I would personally feel lost working so few.

Economic data show that in 1950, Americans worked around 1,900 hours per year. That’s now down to 1,700. But the French, who used to work 2,150 hours annually, now clock up fewer than 1,500 hours—they used to work much more than Americans, now they work less. And Germans work even less than the French. On the other hand, people in Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong work more hours now—around 2,300—than Americans did in 1950. And whatever the average number of hours, most high earners in the US put in 60-80 hours a week. With only three weeks vacation, that comes to 3,430 hours a year, way more than any international comparison.

This 3,430 number would directly contradict some of the reports OeCD data there is clearly links to wages and productivity along with hours worked and wages.



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Hours worked, productivity, and wages -- Relashionship
average number of hours, most high earners in the US put in 60-80 hours a week.

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