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Month: December 2013

2014 AT&T Developer Summit and Hackathon

cybersecurity cyber security Wyly investment

  The AT&T Developer Summit is a special developer focused event that we pack with valuable news and information about emerging technologies and offer opportunities to network with top industry professionals and experts. It all starts off with a Mobile App Hackathon on the 4th and 5th and leads into a day filled with the latest from…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

With family and friends it will be hard to update my blog over the holidays. I wish all my visitors and your family a great and Merry Christmas. There will be great news to come in the new Year. Check Out SEAF www.seaf.com Civergy www.civergy.com SmartFile www.bionbeta.com Merry Christmas to all

Red October Kaspersky #1 threat — Global Reach

cybersecurity cyber security Wyly investment

Kaspersky named “Red October” this years top cybersecurity threat. Red October was a large scale cyber-espionage network that target various international diplomatic service agencies. This cyber-espionage network was used to analyze and reveal various aspects of the the global critical infrastructure. Initial it was thought that the network was largely focused on Eastern Europe and…

London Bridge opening for a rubber duck

London Bridge Wyly Investment Cybersecurity

A 50 foot rubber duck traversed through the London Bridge in December of 2012. It was part of a marketing event for Jackpotjoy.com Related articles Using Rubber Duckies to Promote Your Brand Custom Rubberized Ducks – Curiosity & Fun in a Promotion

Hours worked, productivity, and wages — Relationship

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I am not sure who works only 32 hours per week but by the stats provided in The Economist that is the average work week for the US. Glad to see that is higher then most countries but I would personally feel lost working so few. Economic data show that in 1950, Americans worked around 1,900…

Why I am for an increase in minimum wage

Wyly economics investment

Historically, I have been pretty anti an increase in minimum wage, in the fact that the free and open market should determine what the fair price of labor should be. In the past years though I have been thinking that there are a few ways to deal with an influx of cheap foreign labour and…

Mindset, A MenaApps company, is hosting a workshop at the SME Congress

Wyly SME Banking WTW Wade

Rana Samara and her team, one of the great companies at MenaAppps, will be participating at the SME Congress. If you are in Abu Dhabi make sure you stop by their booth and see some of the great work they are doing! Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are a vital part of the UAE economy,…

Over 10,000 visitors in a week — Thank You

I am amazed and humbled that anyone would find what I read or say of any interest. This week was even more amazing that 11, 462 unique visitors decided to read something on my little square of the internet. I am even more so amazed that I am getting people from all over the world.…

Imprison Bacteria in 3-D Printed Tiny Cages

 Bacteria in the human body thrive in 3D structured communities, so studying pathogens in this type of environment could better show how they interact. Now, scientists are doing just that – with microscopic 3D printed cages. Scientists from the University of Texas at Austin have used a new 3D printing technology, which allowed them to construct homes for…

Grand Canyon National Park

In this Friday photo released by the National Park Service, visitors to Mather Point at Grand Canyon National Park look out over a rare total cloud inversion. The phenomenon, caused by cold and warm air masses interacting, left the Grand Canyon peaking above a sea of clouds.

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