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Most popular sports by country — Wyly Wade

Most of the countries one would expect, cricket India, ice hockey Canada, table tennis China. The odd duck is clearly Guyana which most would consider a typical South American country until one realizes that 43.5% of the population is East Indian in origin. These are descendants as indentured servants. From 1838 to 1917 over 238,000 indentured Indian immigrants were shipped to Guyana with 85% being Hindu and 15% being Muslims.

The NFL is once again the most popular sport in America, a poll of 2,331 adults by Harris Interactive has revealed. For at least the ninth consecutive year of such polling, pro football emerged as the favorite sport among those polled. Thirty-one percent of respondents said that pro football was their favorite sport, with baseball checking in at 17%. That represents a narrowing of the gap between the two sports. Last year, football held an advantage of 19 percentage points when it garnered 35% of respondents’ votes compared to baseball’s 16%.

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