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Interactive world map of temperature, solar incidence, terrain, population and others.

English: Solar Radiation Map of Europe: Global...

Users of the SolarGIS global database will already be familiar with the solar planning database which GeoModel Solar says has been described by the University of Geneva as „the most accurate solar resource database available on the market“. In addition to featuring the SolarGIS global database at Intersolar Europe 2013, GeoModel Solar will also be unveiling two updated online tools to complement it: iMaps with global coverage and pvPlanner with global coverage. The SolarGIS global database supplies historical and near-real time information on solar resources souch as global horizontal irradiance, direct normal irradiance and DLR by delivering data from several meteorological and satellite data centers worldwide, providing radiation and PV yield information for developing, monitoring and forecasting pv yields from „almost any location worldwide“.


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