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Russian air force views unmanned fighters as the future – Russia’s Sixth Generation fighter plane will be unmanned

English: Sukhoi T-50, b/n 51.

Russian aircraft designers are working on the creation of the sixth-generation unmanned fighter aircraft, Russian Army General Peter Deinekin stated last week.

At present, Russia tests its fifth generation fighter T-50 (PAK FA). At the same time, experts believe that many European states will not be working on the fifth-generation combat aircraft – they will jump to the sixth one, in which primary attention will be paid to drones.

According to Peter Deinekin, Russia can not afford skipping one generation of aircraft after all economic difficulties. The development of the fifth generation fighter aircraft was inevitable.

According to him, one should not compare Russia with, example, France, which can buy fifth generation fighters from the United States. Russia must deal with such important developments independently, the former commander in chief of the Russian Air Force said.

Pravda.Ru interviewed former Air Force Commander Peter Deinekin about the problems of Russian combat aviation.

“What is the current state of affairs in the Russian Air Force? Is there anything being done to upgrade the fleet?”


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