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Forrester: SaaS And Data-Driven “Smart” Apps Fueling Worldwide Software Growth

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Forrester Research is citing SaaS and data-driven smart apps as the major growth engines for the worldwide software market.

The SaaS software market will increase 25 percent in 2013 to $59 billion, a 25 percent increase. In 2014, the market is expected to total $75 billion. Forrester uses the term “smart computing” to define apps that, for instance, provide direct access to data for decision-making. It also includes data analytics and business intelligence in the category.

The research firm forecasts the smart computing software market to be $41 billion in 2013, increasing to $48 billion in 2014. According to Forrester, these smart-process apps overlap with SaaS products “because the browser-based access model for SaaS products works better for collaboration among internal and external participants than behind-the-firewall deployments.” As a corollary, these smart computing products, like SaaS, are growing far faster than the overall software market.


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