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Japan Solar Energy Soars, But Grid Needs to Catch Up

Electrical Substation

It has always been a chicken and egg question do you invest in the grid first or invest in the production to then drive the improvements to the grid? Interesting in Spain they have such a large amount of home generation that they have started taxing home generation, so now the Spaniards are pulling the solar cells off of their house. Japan to integrate the large solar arrays onto the grid in Hokkaido, METI has set aside 29.6 billion yen (US$294 million) to install a large storage battery at Hokkaido Electric’s Minami Hayakita substation by March 2015 to stabilize the flow of solar power onto the grid. By installing the new battery, expected to be the world’s largest with a storage capacity of 60 megawatts, the regional utility will be able to receive an additional 10 percent more electricity. (It would be nearly double the size of the largest battery currently operating in the world, at 36 megawatts, installed in 2012 in China to help integrate renewable energy onto the grid in Zhangbei, Hebei Province.)


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