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High-tech farms — no drivers allowed

Coat of arms of Derenburg, Part of Blankenburg

Back in the good old days, farming relied on horses or some other type of draft animal and a farmer with a strong back. Today you’ll find fewer people in the field and more automated equipment.

There were a few interesting points that out about the stats of today’s farmers:

  1. “For every farmer under 35, there are nearly six who are 65 or older.”
  2. “Even if they want to try a few autonomous technologies, these new farmers can’t afford them.”
  3. “…young farmers are also very similar to their non-farming peers: tech-savvy, purpose-driven, and entrepreneurial.”
  4. “…autonomous technologies can drastically improve farmers’ quality of life.”

Muenchhoff converted his farm in Derenburg, in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt, a decade ago following a high-tech trend that is drawing growing interest.

“My job now is management,” he says.

With a grey beard and thin glasses, the robust 60-year-old reigns over a 1,000-hectare farm that grows wheat and canola, continuing a long family tradition.


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