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WigWag: Scan it. Control it. Rule it. Share it. by WigWag — Kickstarter


A portable security device for hotel rooms or remote offices is something that has always intrigued me. Why would you leave security up to those little safes that the hotel staff can access and a thief could just cut out of a room. I am guilty of putting a heavy chair in front of the door or moving something that would make a lot of noise if someone were to enter in some of the more risky places I have spent a night. WigWag functions like popular website IFTTT, in that it allows users to set up all kinds of rules for their homes, and it acts upon them when the “if” condition is met. For example, a user can tell the system to turn on the lights in a room when motion is detected, or turn the heat on when the temperature falls below a certain level.

The system works because each of the Sensor Blocks comes equipped with eight environmental sensors:

  • vibration
  • motion
  • humidity
  • temperature
  • sound
  • ambient light
  • a trip wire
  • a contact switch

WigWag: Scan it. Control it. Rule it. Share it. by WigWag — Kickstarter.

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