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Heart Surgery in India for $1,583 Costs $106,385 in U.S.

Health care systems

Living through many aspects of the Indian health system from helping develop parts of RSBY, the largest health insurance system in the world, to the needs of my daughter, who has cochlear implants, I have seen first hand what the system is good and and what it is not. Indian in general is good at the installation and not good at the long term maintenance  Health is no different the surgeons and the high end hospitals are great; the after support and care is horrible.

With that having come back to the US and finally gotten all the support items for my daughter the services are extremely expensive but a huge difference between the services delivered in India. The UAW has realized this and actually will ship a patient to India for a knee replacement and then bring them back here for after care such as physical therapy. This drastically reduces the cost. The difficulty that this has is something we have experienced first had as well, what happens when something goes wrong what court has jurisdiction?

I completely agree with Dr. Shetty’s comments that most health pricing is based on opportunistic not on a cost comparative free market. Everyone in the system (Doctors, Hospitals, Drug and Medical companies) benefit with keeping the system as opaque as possible.


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