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Zambia: SME bank, right on time

The provinces of Zambia

The new SME program is expected to create not less than 100,000 direct jobs in the first two years of its operation and that, during the same period 300,000 indirect jobs would be created.The move by stakeholders to establish a bank aimed at aiding the financially crippled SMEs in the country, will contribute immensely to the development of the small-scale industrial sector.
SMEs, if well harnessed could contribute significantly to the growth of the economy looking at the factor of multiplier effects it could have on the GDP of Zambia.

The Zambia Chamber of Small and Medium Business Associations (ZACSMBA) has also given the concept thumbs up and have been liaising with PDC for the possibility of entering into a contractual relationship in the implementation of the concept.

Zambia: SME bank, right on time.

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