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The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents – Harvard Business Review

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Netform (www.netform.com) really is the epicenter for the secrets of networks

Being an agent for change in many organizations I can attest to the fact that understanding the network is critical. The gatekeeper also become critical in that trust and communication break down quickly when gatekeepers are ignored. I especially like their analysis of relationships with hardcore resisters; I have found that those rarely if ever end up being productive.

There is perhaps no better example than the UK’s National Health Service. Established in 1946, the NHS is an enormous, government-run institution that employs more than a million people in hundreds of units and divisions with deeply rooted, bureaucratic, hierarchical systems. Yet, like other organizations, the NHS has many times attempted to improve the quality, reliability, effectiveness, and value of its services. A recent effort spawned hundreds of initiatives.

The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents – Harvard Business Review.

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